Analyst Developer at Novogradac & Company LLP. My focus is as a Django developer, analyst, and writer specializing in socioeconomic demographics and public policy.

Some of my interests are:

  • Python
  • Django
  • R
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Data-driven Writing
  • Historic Mapping


Places I've worked full time.

Analyst Developer
GIS Specialist
Senior Fellow

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University of Glasgow

MSc, Geospatial and Mapping Science
Advisor: Professor Paul Bishop


Hood College

BA, Environmental Science


Monroe Community College

AS, Environmental Science


A collection of side projects and research studies.


An overview of my research interests, publications, etc.


    Python, R, Web Development

    Application Areas

    CRM Development, Automation, Historic Preservation, Environmental monitoring, Geospatial Predictive Policing Stratiegies

  • Presentations and Other Papers

    1. Introduction to GPS and GIS. Smith, R., Chestnut Tree Heritage Project Teacher Training. Heritage Center, Gettysburg. November, 5 2016.
    2. Applications of GIS: Ancient Rome. Smith, R. Ancient Rome (HIST 366), Hood College. April 2016.
    3. Using GIS to Determine Stream Health. Smith, R. Biology Seminar, Hood College. November 2015.
    4. Recipe: Brownies Smith, R.
      "Eat To Run, Run To Eat". Run Washington 2014: Page 51.